Time4Society Europe

Facilitating Corporate Social Responsibility in enterprises

Time4Society Europe is an Erasmus+ project that aims to develop innovative methods and tools that link ‘Continuing Professional Development’ (CPD) with ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ (CSR) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs*).

Through teambuilding activities, Time4Society Europe supports organisations and employees to contribute to their sustainable development goals.

Time4Society invites corporations and their em¬ployees to work in a sustainable way and helps them discover more about themselves, to enhance teamwork and to develop their potential.

If you want to make CSR and Sustainable Develo¬pment count, then Time4Society is your ideal partner.

Time4Society Europe addresses:

  • Companies who want to get more involved with sustainable development.
  • Employers and Employees who want to contribute to society and the SDGs.
  • HR Managers looking for meaningful team-building experiences for employees.

The T4S Approach

Time4Society Europe (T4S Europe) offers concrete CSR experiences and direct engagement with societal projects and initiatives.

T4S Europe offers a tailor-made program for European companies that can choose from the following modules:

  • T4S Basic:
    One-day teambuilding activities in a societal project.
  • T4S Advanced:
    Extended T4S concept that includes the ‘SDG explorer’ – a web-based self-learning programme that enables users to engage in CSR.
  • T4S Premium:
    Integrated and qualified learning and development program for social and sustainable development.

The Project

Since 2007, Time4Society (T4S) has organised over 250.000 hours of societal teambuilding in more than 2.000 social and environmental projects in Belgium.

Based on its unique approach, T4S has supported companies, and more than 50.000 employees, to experience ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ and ‘Sustainable Social Development’ in worthwhile and practical ways.

In ‘Time4Society Europe’ the existing concept will be rolled out in six European member states.


blinc eG
Göttingen, Germany

Trendhuis cvba
Mechelen, Belgium

Centro Libenter
Torino, Italy

Apricot Training
Management Ltd
Loughborough, UK

Sofia, Bulgaria

die Berater
Vienna, Austria

How can we support you?

If you are interested in CSR and SDGs and want to make your business more sustainable, please contact us. We design your sustainability project with you.

T4S Basic – Societal Teambuilding
T4S connects you with social organisations and organises societal teambuilding sessions with your employees.

T4S Advanced – SDG Explorer
In T4S Advanced, your employees explore and improve their professional environment as part of a self-directed, web-based training program ("SDG-FIT") conforming the UN SDG’s. The innovative program consists of information units, and individual tasks and projects in the workplace.

T4S Premium - Time4YourTalent
Time4YourTalent is a tailor-made talent sharing internship programme with a strong focus on CSR. The programme consists of the following components:

  • 1 day introductory/follow-up workshop
  • 5 day internship (internal or external)
  • Web-based environment (also as a mobile app)