Sustainable team buildings

A sustainable team building is the ultimate way to make CSR concrete for all your employees. The concept is simple: during working hours employees give a day of their time to a non-profit organisation in need. The execution as just as easy: just let us know your preferences and the kind of project (e.g. social, environmental or cultural) your team is interested in, and we’ll take it from there. We’ll propose a tailor-made project and we’ll also take care of everything else, insurance included.

Win-win-win situation

  • Colleagues have a great day
  • Increased team spirit and motivation
  • Much-needed help for a non-profit organisation and for society

Number 1 in Belgium

  • Over 300,000 hours
  • Invested by more than 55,000 employees
  • In more than 2,300 social projects


  • Sign up for a single project or a series of projects
  • Our team will look for a tailor-made project
  • We’ll take care of everything (matching, administration, communication, insurance and guidance)
  • “Time has become the most valuable resource of all. But the great thing is: everyone can give it, the cleaning lady just as well as the CEO.”
    Laila, Manager Time4Society

  • “We stepped out of our comfort zone and contributed a lot to society. Our team spirit got an enormous boost!”

  • “Working together with our hands, instead of with our heads, was a unique experience!”

  • “After the organization’s responsible saw our goodwill and the accomplished work, he shed a tear. It sent shivers down my spine. A priceless moment!”

  • “Participating in a CSR activity affected me more than expected. Doing something good for someone else really touched me.”


Creative workshops

Creative workshops

A team of IT workers supported blind and visually impaired people during creative activities: “We were able to help them individually during the art, cooking and sports workshops. They really appreciated that. What they loved most, was that we also had time to talk. It really broadened my perspective!”
A (bio)diversity asset

A (bio)diversity asset

A team of laborants worked hard in the field to improve biodiversity: “I had never expected to join forces with my colleagues to take care of a marsh, mow grass and gather hay. We worked all day and went home tired and satisfied!”
Spontaneous street food

Spontaneous street food

A team of bank clerks helped with the organisation of a cooking and playing project in Brussels: “In the heart of Kuregem we constructed a small pop-up restaurant with healthy and cheap meals. Afterwards we played with the kids from the neighbourhood and did some sports. Good fun!”
Farm life

Farm life

A team of office clerks went to a carefarm for adults and kids with a physical or mental disability: “The farm existed only for one year and could use all the help it could get. We took care of the domain maintenance, paint and repair jobs, and at the end, we were allowed to take care of the animals. It was a fun and useful project!”
  • “Amazing project! Amazing reception! Amazingly enthusiastic people! I felt really useful. I got to know other colleagues and I got a breath of fresh air. Well done!”

  • “The project was organized perfectly and left me with a warm, buoyant feeling.”

  • “The social team building triggered me to start looking for voluntary work in my own neighbourhood. Let’s hope it has the same effect on my colleagues.”

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And you?

  • “In the context of today’s society, team buildings should be much more than just a paintball game or a dinner. Time4Society fully understands this.”

  • “Our support made a huge difference. All our employees are satisfied about the accomplished work and the thankfulness of the organization we helped.”

  • “I’m happy and proud that my colleagues and I were able to brighten the days of the people of the nursing home.”

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